To Pixie or not to Pixie

As you may have noticed, I'm a short hair junkie. I went from long hair to chin length in college and never looked back. In fact, it seems to just get shorter and shorter. Recently I decided I was over inches-long hair, and needed a change. It was time to grow it out. Because I have the luxury of a cousin doing my hair I get to say my stylist knows me extremely well. The first thing he said when I told him I was going to grow it out was, "You know that is going to drive you crazy right?". I knew he was right, but insisted I was up for the challenge. I was sure that thinking every day of the ever adorable Christina Ricci bob with bangs as my goal would get me through. Well, here I am with hair to my jawline and I am, well, crazy. I can't take it anymore! I'm contemplating chopping it off... especially with a newborn in tow. The ease of the style is simply intoxicating. So here is my inspiration: A pixie a la Alice in Wonderland, aka Mia Wasikowska or Ginnifer Goodwin. Perhaps a hybrid of the two, I think Ginnifer's may be a bit long in the front.

Whatever I decide and whenever I take the plunge I will be sure to include before and afters!
Today's Random Trivia:
Encyclopedia.com inorms that a single woman may have started the short hair trend of the 1920's. Her name was Mary Garden. Her reasoning stands true for me today: "Bobbed hair is a state of mind and not merely a manner of dressing my head... I consider getting rid of our long hair one of our many little shackles that women have cast aside in their passage to freedom."
Consider how much time you spend on your hair each day... imagine if you were liberated from all of that time. How lovely.


Valentines for Three... Make that four

The phrase goes, "And baby makes three". This clearly overlooks couples who already have children of the four-legged variety. It just so happens that Valentines day is the anniversary of the day we got Jet. It was five years ago and he was just a cute litte pup. Now he's a big vicious beast. To celebrate we gave him a doggie granola bar, which he became very protective over. Here is little Jet holding his "chewnola" like a little cigar.

The human celebration was far more entailed. First a little pink champagne... my favorite. How could anyone dislike a drink that is so pretty and fizzy?
Next, a most delicious frittata with red peppers, goat cheese and scallions, accompanied by perfectly crisped rye toast with butter. It is so lovely to have a husband that loves to cook and is great at it.
Here is the entire set up... did I mention I got a dozen long stem red roses? It is my birth flower in my favorite color.
Lastly, breakfast dessert: Crepes stuffed with a blueberry blackberry filling topped with a sweetened Greek Yogurt and fresh raspberries. In spite of my deep love of goat cheese with eggs, this was my favorite part of breakfast. It gave me goosebumps it was so good, and it was surprisingly light. Unless you eat three of them.

After brunch my fantasic husband let me take a nice long lazy afternoon nap to counteract all of the late night feedings. All in all it was one of the best Valentines days I have ever had... other than when we got that cute little K9 of mine. This time around we were able to stare at that adorable babe we made. I must say... life is good. Exhausting, but good.

Today's Random Trivia:

Raspberries come in four colors: red, purple, gold or black. Gold is the sweetest of these varieties.


Dreaming Forward

So far the worst part of being a new Mommy is that after you have the baby you don't immediately have your old body back. After you deliver you go down to looking about five or six months pregnant. The injustice! I guess it's fair that your belly can't snap right back... after all it was just holding an extra several pounds. At least it goes down enough to see your toes again. Breastfeeding helps get the belly down faster because it makes you cramp, which helps shrink things back down to their original size. Even Mother Nature knows that beauty is pain.

Now that my belly is dwindling more and more each day I find myself drifting to sleep at night to thoughts of all the gorgeous spring clothes I plan on wearing. I can't wait to have my slim waist line and [relatively] smaller ass back. Here are some of the spring looks I'm dreaming of.

Jumpsuit from American Apparel

Office appropriate from Chictopia

Simultaneously vintage and fresh - Emersonmade

What's even better is that my little babe will be two weeks this coming Wednesday, which means that my butt will be in the gym on Thursday morning. I'm starting out easy, just some long walks on the treadmill... but soon I plan on investing in P90X. Hot bod here I come!
Today's Random Trivia:
The only proven aphrodisiac is exercising with your partner.


The Wait Is Over

This time last week I was stressed and full of anxiety, on the brink of a physically painful event... but prepared for life to change.

This week life is entirely different. I am consumed with love for my new life and latest family addition.

Ten Fingers

Ten Toes (Even though you can only see five)


Week 40... on the way to the hospital.

The reason I waited 40 weeks

Today's Random Trivia:
In a lifetime, the average person will walk the equivalent of 5 equators.