Things to Covet

Since childhood I have intently coveted a train case passed down from my Great Grandmother, to my Grandmother and eventually to my Mother. Finally, after twenty years of waiting it has been passed down to me. With an affinity for both family and all things vintage, this train case makes me happy on the most basic of levels. I keep my make-up in it so that I can enjoy it everyday... somewhere my Great Grandmother is appreciating this. Daily I wonder if I have any items that my future (and obviously non-existent) great grandchildren will use and adore.

Even though it wasn't originally owned by my Grandmother, it has passed through her hands. Even with a baby on her lap, which happens to be my Mother, she is stunning in a stylish dress, brooch and diamond earrings. Looking at old photographs of my Grandmother with her perfectly coiffed hair and striking smile I imagine her pulling her red lipstick from the very same train case.

Today's Useless Trivia:
A group of twelve or more cows is called a Flink.


Day One

Today I begin to stream thoughts of LadyRed. Sorry you can't see this today world, but we aren't quite ready yet. Just another day.

Here is a shot I took this morning titled Tanks and Twigs. I hope you like it.

Today's Useless Trivia:
The secret recipe for Coca Cola, code-named "Merchandise 7X" is kept under lock and key in a vault in Atlanta, Georgia, the home of Coke inventor Dr. John S. Pemberton and current world headquarters of Coca Cola International.