Thanks to Brad!

A couple of posts ago I asked for help on adding a YouTube video to my post. Thanks to Brad's instructions and advice I have successfully added the video I wanted you all to see then. Without further adieu...

I could watch this video over and over.

While I have been able to fit posting to my blog into the newborn baby schedule, I don't often have the chance to visit the blogs that I follow. When Brad posted advice to my comments it made me realize I haven't been to his blog for quite a while and it was has always been a big artistic inspiration to me. So I thought I'd stop by for a visit and I stumbled on these little gems.
You may notice that I prefer the studies over the final products. The reason for this is because I think it gives a real feel for the movement of the artist. I tend to like my own studies better than the finals because I work more quickly with less inhibition, and I tend to create lines and show a feeling that I can never recreate in the final work when I'm trying to make everything perfect. This buxom gal is just lovely... the artistic world has never tended to gravitate to the stick skinny models of modern society. What woman wouldn't love that?

I love this drawing because it is one of the hardest angles of the face to accurately capture. Foreshortening is always a challenge, but on a face it can sometimes seem impossible. Well done Brad!

If you want to check out more of Brads work, and I think you should, go by Blackbird Studio and enjoy the eye candy.

Today's Random Trivia:
Seasons and weather affect nail growth. Nails grow faster in warm climates and during daytime, than in cold climates and at night.


Brad Gailey said...

Thanks for coming by my blog and for the kind words. I'm certainly glad that you are posting again: I do so look forward to finding that you have made a new post.


LadyRed said...

My pleasure Brad! Thanks for being a great follower!!